Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Write like your best self.

Welcome to ParagraphAI 👋

Quickly create, edit, fix or reply to any message to make writing as easy as PAI 🥧.

If you’re new to ParagraphAI please ensure that you have already downloaded the Chrome Extension and iOS or Android App. With our mobile and desktop tools you can instantly improve your writing skills everywhere you type using science-based writing strategies designed for effective communication.

Mobile Keyboard

The ParagraphAI keyboard lets your access the power of ParagraphAI in every email, message or app on your smartphone. Simply hold down the button (iOS Globe icon / Android keyboard icon) at the bottom corner of your keyboard to select ParagraphAI. 


With ParagraphAI, a single click is all it takes to draft a perfect reply to any message, email, social media comment and more.

Reply to Email

with a single tap of the “Reply to Email” button you can instantly drafts your response right in the email text area. For Outlook and other email clients that do not have the text available when you scroll, simply expand the message to ensure the email you are replying to is readable.

Reply to Clipboard (for iPhone)

In iMessage or any other messenger or social media app open the keyboard and copy the text you’re replying to. The “Reply to Clipboard” button will appear and when you click it your response will automatically be generated right in the active text area.

Reply (for Android) 

With “Accessibility Settings” fully enabled users can instantly reply to any message that is visible on the screen by simply selecting the “Reply” button.

Switch (Retry to the contrary)

When you reply with ParagraphAI we assume you want to say “yes” to the proposition of the email. If you want to take a contrary position simply click the “Switch” button to take a different position. You can switch back and forth to get even more options.


At any time with the keyboard open you can “Undo” your changes or go back to a previous state. Once the keyboard closes you lose the ability to undo so always double check that you’re happy with the reply. 


Use “Fix” to instantly improve your messages in just one tap.

Type a few words into any app using the ParagraphAI keyboard on your mobile device and Fix will magically appear. Tap Fix to apply fluent grammar and spelling to your sentences.

The more you write, the more it fixes. When you use Fix on paragraphs and even longer texts, our science-based writing strategies update your message so you can get your point across, exactly as you meant it.


By clicking the “P” button in the ParagraphAI keyboard you will open a whole new world of options and ideas. At the top you will notice “Edit”, “Analyze” and “Create”. We will cover the “Edit” options below. 

Edit options are broken down by “Formality“, “Friendliness“, “Optimism” and “Length“. You can select multiple Edits with one option from each categories and many more options are on the way.


Modify your message to sound more “Formal“, “Casual” or “Slang” in a tap.


Set your tone to be “Friendly“, “Excited“, “Assertive“, or “Serious“. The sun isn’t always shining and your morning coffee sometimes goes cold before you drink it. Make sure you’re not taking that out on a friend or colleague with a “Friendly” tone. Want to express excitement but coming across monotone, “Excited” is your choice. Need to tell customer service its time for a refund, get “Assertive” or need to tell a coworker you mean business, get “Serious”.


Confident“. “Hopeful“. Doubtful“. Don’t say it, just click the emoji and ParagraphAI will convey it for you.


Longer to “Expand” on your thoughts and short ideas? “Shorten” to get to the point? Click “Apply Edit” and in a tap your text expands and contracts like the tides during a waxing and waning moon.


Ever wonder how your message might be interpreted? Do you sound fluent? Have you hit the exact right tone? The ParagraphAI keyboard’s Analyze tools examine any text and help you understanding if you’re communicating your point. Here’s a quick rundown of what it can do:

  • Tone decodes the mood of your messages.
  • Summary highlights your core message.
  • Expected Reply predicts the recipients response.
  • Proofread lets you know how fluent your message is.
  • Translate lets you translate any message in the active text area to your own language.


Craft perfect text for any purpose. Instantly generate up to 5,000 characters of AI generated text. Simply open the app, select a format (Paragraph, List, Message, Email, Article [for long form text]) and click “Write” to create brilliant 99.99% plagiarism-free text. 

Chrome Extension

iOS and Android App

Our iOS and Android apps bring the power of the Chrome “Notepad” into you smartphone. Generate text for any purpose faster than you can say “Abra kadabra” (Jeff Bezos, we get you too.) You can also manage your account settings and keyboard settings directly in the app. Explore the endless possibilities today. 

Concluding Remarks

Please take the time to get to know your new Personal AI Assistant (PAI). Eg. leave tones in neutral settings for professional results. Just like when you first encountered a word processor, you must spend time learning how to collaborate with PAI. 

The possibilities are endless, but remember PAI is not perfect. It can do things way faster than humans and can collaborate to make others better, like instantly writing a thoughtful email ✉ to your boss or brainstorming messages to spark a connection on tinder 🌶️

PAI is a collaborative AI tool, not a mind reader and requires an investment of time for you to learn how to collaborate with PAI, perfect your collaboration and press send.


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