Meet the humans behind the AI

We’re a small, yet diverse team of creative professionals with a can-do attitude. Together, we’ve committed to creating an AI assistant that is unmatched, ever-evolving, and beyond the ordinary.

Unlocking Innovation and Success Through Teamwork

Empowered Collaboration: The Key to Our Team's Excellence

At ParagraphAI, we prioritize our team’s personal and professional growth by providing a wealth of opportunities for learning and development. Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of each team member, we extend our support in overcoming challenges, confident that our combined successes are rooted in a strong foundation of trust and respect.

Our Team

Our members bring curiosity, passion, and new perspectives to AI

Shail Silver

Co Founder & Executive Chair

Kevin Frans

Co Founder & CTO

Vessy Stroumsky

Head of Product & Data

Jabali Ndungu

Senior Software Engineer

Amanda Sadowski

Head of Growth Marketing

Eyas Kelani

Data Product Manager

Matthew Siu

Lead iOS Developer

Liman Shen

Android & Front-End Developer

Ben Mai

Software Engineer, Mobile

David Ukeje

User Support Technician

Martini Mabifa

Full Stack Web Developer


Lead Designer

Jacqueline Luberto

Senior Copywriter

Matt Tinker

Video Content Manager

Eric Cheng

Communications Manager

Rodrigo Betalleuz

SEM/PPC Manager

Harpriya Sodhi

UX Designer

Chantal Zhang

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Derrick Chen

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Josh Rydershaw

Digital Content Creator

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