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Tired of
between apps
and tabs?

The average user toggles between different
applications and websites nearly 1,200
times each day.

Harvard Business Review, August, 2022

Communicate confidently

Create accurate and appropriate messages, paragraphs, and emails in seconds from your built in AI keyboard, because who can tolerate pesky autocorrect errors in 2023? You can finally create content from within all of your favorite applications too!

Reply accurately

Our free AI writing tool also analyzes emails and texts. Once analyzed, it will then instantly offer appropriate reply suggestions that fit your intentions.

Reply accurately

Our AI analyzes emails and texts then offers appropriate reply suggestions that fit your intentions.

Native-Keyboard Improvements

Instantly receive text edits to more accurately fit your unique needs. ParagraphAI will analyze existing text then provide suggestions on how to make your content the best it can be!

A ParagraphAI Exclusive

Above all, no other AI writer on the market has a GPT-powered AI keyboard with our capabilities. ParagraphAI’s auto-reply keyboard allows you to create, reply, and improve confidently on the go. Finally, no need to be tied down to your computer – ParagraphAI’s free AI writing tool goes where you go!

Write better, faster across your favorite apps.

Reply to any message in any text box.

Spend less time proofreading and polishing.

Install and start writing in minutes.

How to Access the ParagraphAI Auto-Reply AI Keyboard


First and foremost, download the ParagraphAI mobile app for iOS.


Now, in the app, go into the Account tab.  Additionally, ensure the keyboard feature is activated.


At this time, go in your device settings and enter the ParagraphAI section. Then, select Keyboards and follow these instructions:

  • First, select Keyboards
  • Then turn on ParagraphAI Keyboard
  • Lastly, click “Allow Full Access”


Finally, open any app and tap on any text field to start typing. Enjoy your powerful new keyboard by ParagraphAI!

Works Within All Your Favorite Apps


Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to sharing the exciting keyboard news, let’s explore a few commonly asked questions regarding ParagraphAI.

In other words: it’s FAQ time! 

The ParagraphAI keyboard is an AI writing assistant that is automatically built into your mobile device’s keyboard.

Additionally, the keyboard is an enhanced version of your phone’s system keyboard. Unlike your usual keyboard, the ParagraphAI keyboard uses the ChatGPT AI model to analyze text and provide suggestions for original content or contextually accurate message replies.

Additionally, with our keyboard, you no longer need to hop between the ParagrahAI app and your email or messaging applications. Your favorite AI writer is now even more accessible!

The ParagraphAI keyboard is much more than a simple autocorrecting tool. You can write original content, appropriate replies to messages, and also improve the efficacy of your messaging.

We’ve all struggled with communicating confidently. ParagraphAI was designed to help everyone, writers and nonwriters, communicate with confidence.

Consequently, our keyboard allows users to take the power of AI writing on the go and overcome all miscommunication that can occur with email or text messaging.

ParagraphAI and its keyboard are free, no commitment or credit card required to enjoy either one.

In other words, you can use all of our features for free, forever!

All content generated by ParagraphAI and its keyboard is 99.9% plagiarism free.

Because of this, ParagraphAI is a great tool for students!

The ParagraphAI pro plan offers unlimited written content creation and corrections. Our free plan offers 20 instantly generated AI written content daily.

Although it’s not required, we highly recommend upgrading to our affordable pro plan.

Considering how many texts, emails, and social media messages we go through on a daily basis, having an unlimited amount of written content will save time and ensure your mobile communication is appropriate and efficient.

If you already use the ParagraphAI unlimited plan, you will have access to unlimited keyboard content automatically with no increase to your subscription fee.


ParagraphAI offers a FREE no-commitment plan for limited personal use. Our platform is powered by some of the most advanced servers and computing power in the world.

Because that technology ia so advanced, there is a price for unlimited content creation because ‘Compute,’ the computer power we use, bills us per character usage.

However, you can still do just as much as the unlimited plan but with a daily limit:. You can still create content, generate replies, and get improvements – absolutely free of charge!

ParagraphAI is an AI writing assistant that instantly generates customized, high-quality content such as blog posts, advertisement copy, email replies, detailed paragraphs, and so much more.

The best part? All content produced by ParagraphAI is 99.9% plagiarism-free!

Above all, ParagraphAI helps every user communicate with confidence, whether they are writing a final essay or a simple text message.

ParagraphAI’s free version is powerful and cutting-edge, but there is a daily limit of how much content you can produce.

For the amount of content we all need to produce on a daily basis, like email replies or social media copy, everyone would be a great fit for our affordable upgraded plan that offers unlimited ParagraphAI usage. With no limits, you can worry less about deadlines or replying on time and go back to living your life.

While we think you’re perfect just the way you are, human beings have imperfections and make mistakes.

An AI assistant instantly generates high-quality content and expertly ensures that any written communication you put out is free of incorrect spelling, grammatical errors, and other imperfections.

In addition, content marketers have been using AI writing tools to quickly create high quality content. However, our team believes AI should be accessible to all.

In short, using a free AI writer tool like ParagraphAI is the ultimate way to reflect a professional image.

Our secure servers, encryption and MIT developer data management practices keep your data safe.

In addition, we exclusively use Stripe’s always secure payment platform to meet or exceed all data security best practices for plan upgrades. Our team takes pride in our entirely secure platform. We also have in-app payment available through the iOS App Store and Google Play. These options are also absolutely secure.

No, never.

To clarify, ParagraphAI’s content is completely original and 99.9% plagiarism free.

However, if you are ever unsure, you can always insert ParagraphAI’s copy into an online plagiarism detection tool, but our content will come up appropriation-free.

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