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How to Write a Technical Manual in Minutes

AI writers are the ideal copywriter for busy small businesses who cannot afford, financially or time-wise, to hire, train, and house a technical writer.

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Writing a technical manual is an extremely time consuming process and we don’t just mean writing the document itself. There is time spent trying to find a technical writer if your company does not have one and getting that writer caught up on all the extensive details about the product they will write about.

Hiring and training a technical writer is a fantastic option, but it is too expensive and time consuming. Small business owners do not have the time or financial backing to hire or house a technical writer in a full time or contract position. They will have to sift through thousands of writing samples, sit on hours worth of interviews, then make the executive decision on who will write their much-needed technical manuals. So how can they get high quality technical manuals in a timely, yet cost effective manner?

By utilizing an AI writer.

What is an AI Writer?

AI writing assistants create expertly crafted, customized copy for technical documentation in a matter of seconds. Small business owners will not have to wait for weeks to receive content and will not have to pay a copywriter by the hour. Instead, they can employ a free AI writer like ParagraphAI.

ParagraphAI instantly produces completely customized, accurate copy for technical manuals. Business owners will not only enjoy having a quick, detailed rough draft of their technical manuals in less than a minute, but will also enjoy how cost-effective ParagraphAI is when compared to a contract technical writer. ParagraphAI is completely free, but for larger projects, we suggest opting for the professional version that offers unlimited content with no cap for daily usage.

Using an AI writer also offers complete transparency on what stage your written project is in. Of course, we do not expect business owners to drop everything and write professional technical manuals, but with an AI writer doing the bulk of the work, it is nice to be somewhat involved in the process and feel secure in knowing that the work is being done, even if it’s being done by artificial intelligence!

So, how does it work?

Here is how we suggest writing your next technical manual through ParagraphAI:

  1. Sign up for a free ParagraphAI account, no credit card needed, and play around with the application. Be prepared to be impressed!
  2. Select the “article” section and enter a prompt like “technical manual for ParagraphAI set up.”
  3. Use the colored sliders below to indicate your desired tone. For a technical manual, we suggest the slider be more on the formal and assertive side and keeping the last slider in the middle between “pessimistic” and “optimistic.”
  4. Tap or click the purple “write button.” Take note at how quickly this amazing text is generated!
  5. Copy the text using the copy button on the lower right hand side of the text box. Paste the text into the writing editor of your choice, like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
  6. Make any edits as needed.
  7. Repeat the process as needed and watch how quickly you develop your technical manual!

You can make use of the fastest growing AI writing tool, ParagraphAI, for free at


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