Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Write like your best self.

Welcome to ParagraphAI 👋

Quickly create, edit, fix or reply to any message to make writing as easy as PAI 🥧.

If you’re new to ParagraphAI please ensure that you have already downloaded the Chrome Extension and iOS or Android App. With our mobile and desktop tools you can instantly improve your writing skills everywhere you type using science-based writing strategies designed for effective communication.

Chrome Extension

ParagraphAI has been trained on approximately 10% of the knowledge on the internet, including millions of articles, emails, essays, websites, ads, tweets, social media posts, reports and more… Discover how professionals use ParagraphAI to make writing as easy as PAI 🥧.

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If you’re new to ParagraphAI please ensure you have already downloaded the Chrome Extension, iOS or Android App and follow the directions to get started with Chrome found on our Chrome Launch – then come back here to become a pro.

If you need help with anything contact us at support[at]paragraphai.com – providing you with an excellent experience is our #1 priority.

Here are a few simple steps to get started if your new.

Step 1 – Ensure you have pinned the ParagraphAI Chrome plugin.
Step 2 – Ensure you have enabled the iOS or Android keyboard.

Grammar and Tones

Here are some of the possibilities you can explore with ParagraphAI:

Correct grammar and tones of any text:

Write and Reply to Emails

Write a professional email:

Reply to this email, adjust the tones to see different results:

Write Paragraphs, Short and Long Messages

Write a paragraph of default length:

Write a short message instead:
Alternatively, write a long-form article:

Interpret Text

Interpret the underlying tones of any text:

iOS and Android App

Our iOS and Android apps bring the power of the Chrome “Notepad” into you smartphone. Generate text for any purpose faster than you can say “Abra kadabra” (Jeff Bezos, we get you too.) You can also manage your account settings and keyboard settings directly in the app. Explore the endless possibilities today. 

Click here to view our iOS and Android Resources.

Concluding Remarks

Please take the time to get to know your new Personal AI Assistant (PAI). Eg. leave tones in neutral settings for professional results. Just like when you first encountered a word processor, you must spend time learning how to collaborate with PAI. 

The possibilities are endless, but remember PAI is not perfect. It can do things way faster than humans and can collaborate to make others better, like instantly writing a thoughtful email ✉ to your boss or brainstorming messages to spark a connection on tinder 🌶️

PAI is a collaborative AI tool, not a mind reader and requires an investment of time for you to learn how to collaborate with PAI, perfect your collaboration and press send.


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