How to install the ParagraphAI Chrome Extension (Ctrl+D to bookmark)

Welcome to ParagraphAI! Here are a few simple steps to get started with our Google Chrome extension.

Step 1 - Visit our Chrome store here and add ParagraphAI extension.
Step 1 - Pin the ParagraphAI plugin for easy access.
Step 2 - After reading below restart the browser and click the purple "P" icon to start using ParagraphAI!✨

Right-click to hide the Post-It shortcut

1. Grammar and Tones

Here are some of the possibilities you can explore with ParagraphAI:

Correct grammar and tones of any text:

2. Write and Reply to Emails

Write a professional email:
Reply to this email, adjust the tones to see different results:

3. Write Paragraphs, Short and Long Messages

Write a paragraph of default length:
Write a short message instead:
Alternatively, write a long-form article:

4. Interpret Text

Interpret the underlying tones of any text:
Please take the time to get to know your new Personal AI Writing Assistant (PAI). Eg. leave tones in neutral settings for professional results. Just like when you first encountered a word processor, you must spend time learning how to collaborate with PAI. The possibilities are endless, but remember PAI is not perfect. She can do things way faster than humans and can collaborate to make others better, like instantly writing a thoughtful email ✉ to your boss or brainstorming messages to spark a connection on tinder 🌶️. PAI is a collaborative AI tool, she is not a mind reader and requires an investment of time for you to learn how to collaborate with PAI, perfect your collaboration and press send.


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