The Secret: How Good Social Media Managers Write Copy in 60 Seconds or Less

Social media is essential for modern business practices, but the copy component of social media is the most important piece. It is the voice of a brand and, if done properly, encourages conversion. Although writing a few words and attaching relevant hashtags may seem simple, social media copywriting is an extremely laborious process. In this […]

It’s Easy to Become a Good Paragraph Writer, No Matter Your Age – Here’s Why

Like a majority of the Western world, paragraph writing entered your life on a cold, rainy day in fifth grade. Under the harsh fluorescent lights of your teacher’s classroom, you probably spent months studying every aspect of the perfect paragraph. You were just starting to understand introduction sentences and how to integrate seamless transitions. Then […]

How to Enhance Your Press Release Strategy Without Spending Like An Enterprise

It is no secret that press releases are powerful tools for businesses to gain brand recognition and genuine prospects. However, writing effective press releases can be a time-consuming process. This leaves the secret weapon for conversion left on the marketing back burner. Blogging is a more common medium. It is another effective conversion tool, but […]

How to Email Anyone, Even Your Boss

When learning how to write, your teachers offered extensive overviews on how to spell and construct grammatically correct sentences. Did they ever explain how to communicate with others effectively through your writing? Probably not and that’s okay. We do not mean to suggest that learning spelling and grammar is a waste of time, but we […]

Anyone Can Write Blogs, but You Can Do It in Seconds

Blogs have wrongfully been snubbed onto the backburner of marketing efforts because of the time and intensive labor it takes to create stellar website content. Especially if marketing and SEO is foreign to you. It is completely understandable if you are hesitant to start blogging. Extensive effort is required to create blog posts and articles. […]